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Kimmy's Safe Haven Rescue

Mission statement

Kimmy’s safe haven rescue is a southern NJ non profit 501c3 charity organization founded in 2016. Dedicated to no kill rescue finding homes for cats and dogs that have been neglected, abused, abandoned locally. The founder Kim Brown financed the building of the animal sanctuary out of pocket and has been dedicated to second chances and finding forever homes. The rescue is volunteer based and holds pet adoption events, fundraisers and education to increase awareness of animals in need. 

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 “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead  


About us

Kim Brown started fostering and volunteering with rescues in 2013. She quickly fell in love adopting her first two fosters and continued to foster others. In 2015 she lost her younger brother to suicide. Matthew was suffering from bi polar and his loss was one of the hardest things she went through. Unable to bare with the loss of her brother she felt compelled to help animals who didn’t have a voice and were suffering locally. She quickly realized she needed them as much as they needed her and Kimmy’s safe haven rescue was born.  
Since then Kimmy’s Safe haven has been working with abused, neglected, abandoned and ferrels that never knew what love is. They have no voice and having not been able to save Matthew she decided to become the voice of these animals. Tell their stories and give them a second chance at life. Kim and her husband Shane adopted their two children from a neglected family in 2006. The children filled a void in her life having miscarried two of her own they completed her family and life. They are also animal lovers and help out with the rescue and care of the animals.   We currently have roughly eighty animals in our rescue, some have been with us a short time and others a long time due to health issues, special needs or extra love due to being abandoned, strays or born ferrel. Many of these animals would not stand a chance without the rescue and they all carry a special place in her heart. 

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Kim Brown felt a calling to help these animals know love and a better life, her daughter Angela has  also been working hard to help care for the animals and organizing volunteers while excelling in school.  Her husband Shane a dedicated business owner and father this would also not have been possible. The financial support he has provided thru his business, Chimney Medics has been the backbone of  building the sanctuary and providing the bulk of the food, supplies and medical care out of pocket. Knowing this is unsustainable we got approved as a non profit 501c3 and Kimmy’s began fundraisers, food drives, car washes and adoption events to find forever homes and raise funds to continue her work.  
We currently receive no government funds, grants or funds from the state to support the rescue. We rely on solely on the hope more people will volunteer, foster, donate and adopt. So we can continue to help animals who have no voice.  

Paws leave a special place on our hearts, lets leave a special place on theirs! 

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